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Your financial goals will change throughout life. The RCU Investment & Insurance Team can help keep you and your investment plan on track. We’re happy to provide a no-obligation review of your current portfolio and talk about changes in your life that might mean changes in your investment strategy.

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Here are examples that might be on your Financial To Do List as your life changes:

Living comfortably in retirement requires a good plan and the commitment to follow it through. Are you on track to be financially independent when you retire?

  • Ask yourself – have I saved enough to retire and live comfortably?
  • Review and adjust retirement portfolio
  • Plan for long term care insurance
  • Learn about Social Security benefits
  • Determine health insurance and Medicare costs

There will always be demands on your financial resources, whether it’s new tires on the car, a leaky roof needing repair, or a week-end getaway with friends. Saving anything – even the smallest amount – is worth it.

  • Update beneficiaries and legal documents
  • Review life insurance
  • Build your emergency savings
  • Invest together – where do you start?

The way you save, invest, and live may change. We can help you review your financial goals and update important documents with a goal for you to remain financially secure. 

  • Maintain your lifestyle with a different income stream
  • Separate your investments
  • Invest settlement money – where do you start?
  • Establish Retirement plan distributions
  • Review Life Insurance
  • Update beneficiaries and legal documents

New Job
Congratulations! There’s a lot to learn when you join a new company. We can help you review your financial goals and your portfolio so you can focus your attention on your new job.

  • Enroll in new retirement plan
  • Review disability insurance and life insurance
  • Choose benefits
  • Transition assistance for a left-behind 401(k)

There’s a lot weighing on your mind after a layoff. We can help you evaluate your financial situation. Some employers offer resources; we’re also happy to provide our assistance or perhaps a second opinion. 

  • Review income stream
  • Replace lost benefits
  • Transition assistance for a left-behind 401(k)

Death of a Loved One
Life changes significantly following the death of a loved one, from day-to-day tasks to major life decisions. This is the time to turn to an experienced and trusted financial professional.

  • Review life insurance benefits
  • Determine funds available in retirement or other investment plans
  • Develop strategy for investing any inheritance
  • Maintain lifestyle and ensure financial protection for survivor(s)

Getting a good college education is one of the most important things in a young person’s life. We can help you find strategies to fit your need for education funding so the escalating cost of higher education is not a roadblock.

  • Invest in an Education IRA
  • Consider a 529 Plan
  • How much money do you need to save? Do the math.